Recordings of compositions and arrangements by Peter Greve

For ordering, contact the “Stichting Peter Greve, componist & arrangeur”. Details are given below.

DVD#1 The Palace of the Dreamking ( 27), after the book “Truus de Nachtmerrie” (“Trudy the Nightmare“) by Henriëtte van Eyk, with illustrations by Rik van Linden van den Heuvell
Duration: 11 min.
€ 12.45 (DVD: 10.00 + 2.45 postage costs)

DVD#2 Arctic Saga ( 29), an audio-visual tale about the life of Trolls in the Arctic winter and spring, with illustrations by Rik van Linden van den Heuvell
I: Version with string orchestra; II: Version with full orchestra; III: Behind the Music; IV: Behind the Art
Total duration: 46 min.
€ 16.95 (DVD: 14.50 + 2.45 postage costs)

CD#6 Arrangements: works by Satie (Parade, 108), Debussy (Six épigraphes antiques, 107), Stravinsky (Five Easy Pieces, 109), and Mousorgsky (selection from: Songs for mezzo-soprano and orchestra, 104, and Songs for baritone and orchestra, 112)
Total duration: 66 min.
€ 9.95 (CD: 7.50 + 2.45 postage costs)

CD#7 Compositions: The Palace of the Dreamking ( 06), Piano concerto ( 01), Sonata for flute and piano ( 03), and a selection from: Choral songs on Eastern-European folk poetry ( 05 and 09), Choral songs on Dutch children’s poetry ( 07) and Partita for brass instruments ( 02)
Total duration: 56 min.
€ 9.95 (CD: 7.50 + 2.45 postage costs)

CD#9 The Story of Babar, the little Elephant ( 111), text: Jean de Brunhoff, music: Francis Polenc, arranged for narrator, flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon
Total duration: 25 min.
€ 9.95 (CD: 7.50 + 2.45 postage costs)

CD#16 Pinnacle: works by Daniel Perttu (USA), Hans Bakker (NL), Steven Block (USA), Peter Greve (NL) and Kevin Walczyk (USA)
Production: Navona Records (USA); recording: PARMA Recordings (USA)
To this CD, Peter Greve contributed the Trio for clarinet, cello and piano ( 22)
Total duration: 88 min., of which 13 min. for the Trio
€ 11.95 (CD: 9.50 + 2.45 postage costs)

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How to order

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1 – MAIL
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2 – PAY
Transfer the amount mentioned to bank account NL13 ABNA 0606 4749 78 to the name of  Stichting “Peter Greve, componist & arrangeur”

Within a few days, you will receive by e-mail an acknowledgment of receipt. Your order will be sent by ordinary mail to the postal address you mentioned.

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