14 – Amerikaanse recensies over CD-album “The Palace of the Dreamking and other works of Peter Greve”

1: Textura.org/archives, December 2019, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
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“The Palace of the Dreamking and Other Works’ provides a complete and thoroughly satisfying experience on purely listening terms, the pieces [are] rich enough in content to engender and accommodate any number of interpretations and responses by the listener.”

2. “Portraits in Sound”, December 2019, TransCentury Communications Inc., Mort Myers, Florida, USA
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“Greve’s communicative skill shines through in all these disparate works, and the CD as a whole offers an interesting portrait of a contemporary composer skilled both in composition and in connecting with an audience.”

3. Gapplegate Classical-Modern Reviews, December 18, 2019
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“Greve has a winning way that he makes his own… recommended for those seeking new music beyond the typical labels and into the sounds and sensibilities themselves.”

4. Take Effect Reviews, December 2019
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“Though he began his formal musical journey late in life, Peter Greve is making up for lost time quickly with his eclectic and experimental vision….
Greve has been quite busy since taking on music in the early 2000’s after entering retirement, and this installment again illustrates his creative vision and sublime delivery.”

5. Records International, December 2019
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“[Greve’s] technical and expressive skills are impeccable… deeply felt and strongly characterized… pitch-perfect.”

6. WRUV Reviews, December 16, 2019, Burlington, Vermont, USA
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“Quite a variety of instruments (orchestra, brass, choir, wind and strings) in various combinations, some forceful, most gracious.”

7. American Record Guide, Feb. 2020, p. 95-6
Download: https://drive.google.com/a/parmarecordings.com/file/d/1I9wAp41z0mEcsAn-wEg0ujrkUTXFdbYM/view?usp=sharing
“Excellent playing by the brass ensemble of the Zagreb Festival Orchestra. My other favourite is the 3-movement, 13-minute trio for clarinet, cello, and piano. It is serious and beautiful, full of stylistic variety and technical challenge. The performers are skillful and expressive.”

8. Cinemusical, 12-12-2020, author: Steven A. Kennedy

The Palace of the Dreamking and Other Works (Navona 6257)
Released at the end of 2019, this collection of Peter Greve’s music gives listeners a fine survey of his work for orchestra, chamber pieces, and even choir.  Greve’s music has some rather interesting lyrical qualities and a style that sometimes recalls mid-century Hollywood scoring.  That is on display in the title work of the album which is a 10+ minute symphonic poem.  Also included here is Magic Winter, a three-movement work for string orchestra that has a Bartokian feel at times with some hints at impressionist mystery.  This blend of modernism has additional links to more Baroque-currents which can be heard in the Partita for 11 Instruments, and even to some extent the concluding Aria for Trumpet and Organ (which also appeared previously on Navona’s In Tandem release).  The sacred undercurrent that seems to also influence Greve’s work comes out even more so in Give Us Peace, a fascinating multi-movement work for chorus and organ.  The collection is a fine blend of Greve’s modernist voice that has some fine romantic undertones.  His lyrical writing which often appears in long, sweeping thematic ideas, is often quite stunning.  Certainly a release to track down! (https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6257)”

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