Welcome to the website of Peter Greve, composer and arranger. The compositions belong to the category “contemporary classical”. The arrangements are based on classical works dating from the Renaissance to the early 20th century.
Most recent up-date: 08-01-2021

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Structure website

The website is divided in five categories, corresponding to columns headed: “biography, contact data and links“, “articles“, “compositions“, “arrangements” and “new“.
The first column “biography, contact data and links” gives access to the CV and other personal data of the author.
Through the column “articles“, texts by or about the author can be downloaded, i.a. interviews, lectures and technical explanations. At present, only one text in English is available, the other articles are in Dutch.
The columns “compositions” and “arrangements” function as a catalogue and entry to a library of downloadable pdf.files and audio/video-recordings. The compositions and arrangements have catalogue numbers (cat.nrs.): the cat.nrs. 01-99 pertain to compositions, the cat.nrs. >100 to arrangements. The cat.nrs. are for identification purposes only, they are no opus numbers.
In the last column, a survey of the DVDs and CDs containing works by Peter Greve are given, together with directions for listening and ordering.


Explanation to the photographs at the top of this page (from left to right):
– Trumpet player at the Netherlands’ Student Orchestra, 2nd tour, 1954
– “Peter plays Debussy“, oilpainting made by the finnish painter Eva von Weissenberg on Wijk (Kimito, Finland), summer 1977
– Conductor of the Old-Students’ Orchestra of the Students’ Orchestral Society Sempre Crescendo in Leiden at the 150th anniversary of the Society, autumn 1981

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